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2013 Cheyenne Cowboy Limited

Cruising by Rail participated in an AAPRCO special train from Omaha to Cheyenne with a return through North Platte to Kansas City. It was a superb trip with our Promontory Point having the rear position on the train. Daytime only travel on the Union Pacific triple track mainline was fantastic. Trips like this are very rare opportunities to experience railroading where Amtrak does not run. Portions of this routing were over the original transcontinental rote to the west coast. We had the opportunity to visit the Union Pacific steam shop and the roundhouse in Cheyenne and the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte. All of this was at the invitation and host of the Union Pacific. To join the special train we travelled Amtrak routes from Tucson to Chicago and after the special were travelled the route of the Super Chief from Kansas City to Los Angeles.

Cheyenne Train Station UP roundhouse in Cheyenne. UP 4-6-6-4 #3985 in the Cheyenne roundhouse. Inside the UP roundhouse at Cheyenne.
UP E-Unit on display in Cheyenne roundhouse. UP rotary snow plow in Cheyenne shop. UP 4-8-4 #844 in the Cheyenne shop Former C&NW F-Unit on turntable track at Cheyenne.
Promontory Point parked in Cheyenne. Ready for dinner. Ames monument at site of original Sherman townsite. Footings of the original Dale Creek Trestle from 1867.
Walking abandoned part of the 1867 transcontinental mainline. Cowboy Limited train being turned at Speer, WY. UP "Golden Spike Tower" at North Platte. Hump yard at North Platte.
Promontory Point on the rear of the train prior to departing Chicago. Departing Chicago with Promontory Point on rear of the train. Cowboy Limited heading west.