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Washington, DC Trip

Washington D.C. is one of the premier destinations for private car travel. Parking at Union Station is in the heart of the city with easy public transportation to everywhere. All of the tour operators have pick up at the station as well as ticket sales. Many of the museums and monuments are within walking distance. The capitol building can be seen from the front of the station. Fine dining, micro brewery style pubs are close by and there is a food court on the lower level of the station. We operate this trip via two different routings. One is through Chicago with the travel to Washington via the New River Gorge. The second route is via New Orleans with our routing taking us across Lake Ponchatrain and through the anti-bellum south.

A late dusting of snow gives the "Jane Marie" a nice glow. "Jane Marie" on "The Crescent" ready to depart New Orleans to Washington, DC. Lake Ponchatrain as viewed out the door of the "Jane Marie". Crossing Lake Ponchatrain.
Station at Meridian, Mississippi. Private cars ready to receive visitors in Washington, DC. Mike Margrave and Bart Barton greeting Congressman Harry Mitchell of Arizona. US Capitol Building.
Thomas Jefferson Building. US Supreme Court Building. Jefferson Memorial. White House.
Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln statue. WW II Memrial. Monuments viewed from the train.
Nice advertising from 70 years ago. Washington Monument. Private cars parked in the station. Smithsonian Castle.
Southern steam engine on display at National Museum of American History. Union Station. Korean War Memorial. Vietnam War Memorial.
Vietnam War Nurses Statue. Vietnam War Statue. Private cars departing Washington, DC.