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Chicago and St. Louis Trip

Many of the trips operated by Cruising by Rail have layover time in cities such as Chicago, St. Louis or Kansas City. These locations have an abundance of places to go and things to see. Photos here show just a few of these sites. Information on the tourist possibilities at these points are included with the trip information when you travel with us.

Art Institute. Private cars being switched in Chicago. Board of Trade building. Buckingham Fountain.
Busch Stadium. Chicago theaters. Field Museum of Natural History. High water on the Mississippi River
Home of the "slider". John G. Shedd Acquarium Parked at Kansas City.  Note the walking bridge over the tracks. Marshall Fields.
Crossing the Mississippi River. Missouri River viewed from platform of Promontory Point. Crossing the Missouri River. Private cars on the rear of "The City of New Orleans" in Jackson, Mississippi.  Train is heading to Chicago.
Original Water Towers. Private cars parked in Chicago. Roosevelt Road Bridge over Chicago River. Sailboat on the Chicago River.
St. Louis Gateway Arch as viewed from the train. The new Soldier Field. Tribune Building. Private cars parked at Kansas City.  Photo taken from walking bridge.
Private cars waiting for departure from New Orleans. Wrigley Building.