Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Cruising by Rail go?
Cruising by Rail offers various destinations on many regularly scheduled Amtrak routes; check our Scheduled Trips for details on our up-coming trips. Chartered cars allow you to plan your own trip to the destination of your choice; the cars can be attached to any route in the U.S. on the Amtrak system.
What are the types of trips offered?
We offer leisure and business trips. Anything from family vacations to board meeting. You may join any of the available scheduled trips or you may charter any of our railcars and create your own trip.
What is the cost of a trip?
Pricing will depend on the individual trip scheduled. Likewise, the price of chartered cars will vary depending on type of trip, destination, etc.
How many rail cars does Cruising by Rail operate?
Cruising by Rail operates 4 private railcars. They are Promontory Point, the Vista Canyon, the Diablo Canyon, and the Jane Marie.
How many people can each car accommodate?
The Jane Marie sleeps 4 in two large bedrooms but easily handles 14 for day trips. The Vista Canyon sleeps a maximum of 14 and the lounge seats 8 in comfortable chairs. The Promontory Point sleeps 5 in 2 large bedrooms with queen size beds and a small single room. The Diablo Canyon sleeps 8 in four bedrooms with conventional upper / lower berths.
What arrangements are available for food and beverage service?
All of our cars have kitchen facilities suitable for beverage service. The meal service capability is dependent on the car. The Jane Marie and Promontory Point feature a formal dining room while the Vista Canyon and Diablo Canyon lend themselves to a buffet service.
Is there a crew for each car?
All of our charters in include a crew. The minimum is 2 people and additional crew is added for each car depending on the type and duration of the trip.
Who should I talk to for more information?
Please, contact us.  We like to talk trains!
Do you offer any day trips? Can I use the bedrooms during the day trip?
Day trips are a definite possibility. The use of the bedrooms on daytrips for additional seating is an option. Use of the bedrooms for daytime napping will be considered when you book the trip.