The "Jane Marie"


The Pullman Company built the Jane Marie in 1947 as a 68 seat, double vestibule coach for the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad. At the time of delivery the car was named Des Moines with its first assignment being on the Twin Star Rocket between Minneapolis Minnesota and Houston Texas. The car was built as a fluted side car but over the years suffered from corrosion behind the stainless steel applied over corten steel. In the early 1960ís the car was rebuilt at the Rock Islandís Chicago shop and emerged with sheet stainless steel sides with only the number 330. As passenger service declined the car saw many assignments, among them the Golden State and the Rocky Mountain Rocket. It lasted until the fall of the railroad running on the Peoria Rocket and the Quad Cities Rocket. After the bankruptcy of the Rock Island the car was stored in a number of locations the last being Guthrie Oklahoma.

The car was moved from Guthrie Oklahoma to Chandler Arizona on its own wheels and rebuilt at the facilities of the Arizona Railway Museum. The now car sleeps 4 in two large bedrooms and 2 on a fold out bed in a curtained area of the dining room but easily handles 14 for day trips. The spacious lounge features comfortable seating and large windows for viewing the passing countryside. 2 bathrooms, a shower and full kitchen complete the passenger accommodations.

The Jane Marie was part of the U.S.P.S. Celebrate the Century train promoting the history of United States postal service and stamps in 2000. The car has also been used for operation lifesaver and community service trains in our home state of Arizona as well as for fundraisers at the Arizona Railway Museum.



Dining room set for dinner. A toast before a candle-lit dinner. Guest bedroom A.  Seat converts into bed and top folds down to make accomodation for second person.
Guest bedroom B.  Seat converts into bed and top folds down to make accomodation for second person. Lounge area looking into car from door. Lounge area looking towards rear door of car.