The "Diablo Canyon"


Delivered by the Budd Company as AT&SF 52-seat coach 3079 the car was one of 30 (3072-3101) ordered by the Santa Fe Railway in February of 1937. Built in lot 977 the cars were delivered from July through October of the same year. All were placed in service on the Scout. Coach 3079 was among the 29 cars sold to NJDOT in 1969 and it was reconfigured to seat 84 commuters.

NJ Transit donated the coach to the United Railways Historical Societies of New Jersey. Mr. John McMath bought the car in 1991 when it was deaccessioned. He configured the car for personal use and renamed it Coco Grove. The coach interior was stripped out to install 4 bedrooms, kitchen, small dining area and a solarium lounge at the vestibule end. In 1996 the car met the requirements for Amtrak service and has continued to be mechanically certified. Mr. McMath donated the car to the Arizona Railway Museum in 2005. The museum completed the interior décor and changed the name to reflect its Arizona home and Santa Fe heritage. The car is the oldest Amtrak certified and operable Budd built car in the country.



The kitchen has all the features to prepare delicious meals. Lounge area facing into the car. Lounge area facing the end.  Large windows provide ample viewing.
The dining area features space for eight (four persons per table). Typical bedroom configured for daytime seating. Typical bedroom configured for nighttime.